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Originally Posted by Surja76
He has cold heart and head, he is out of feelings (we see 2 reserved cups on his coat), He is good manipulator, he knows how to force other people to do what he wants (ring on the left destiny finger).
Thank you for this response and elaboration, Surja. It really helps to see the connection you make between the card image and the Magician. I'm in total agreement on these two points in particular. I love the idea of the inverted cup emblems indicating the Magician's cool and distant attitude. It's not something we often remember with the traditional magician card--that he is an intellectual rather than emotional magician.

And the Magician is most certainly a manipulator.

His tools echo a lot of what you say. It take a cool, analytical person to have a skull on their table, and the hour-glass indicates someone who manages his time. Who, perhaps, is very carefully to keep track of it.

Wonderful points.
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