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Bohemian Gothic - Seven of Pentacles

Oh, sweetie, what have you done?

The protagonist appears in profile. She is facing a strong (apparently natural) light, but her face is in shadow. Her calmness, and her lovely pearls, are her most notable qualities. Her calmness is particularly notable in light of the stack of seven skulls with crossbones next to her. Considering that one of the common meanings of this card is "reviewing what you've achieved," it's hard to avoid the speculation that she has somehow "achieved" the deaths that these skulls represent. And yet...if so...she is so at ease. No guilty conscience.

Is she a total sociopath? Or do these bones represent natural deaths, for example of her ancestors who have left her a splendid inheritance, including the lovely pearls? In which case, might she perhaps reflect that being an heir is not an achievement, and the achievements of previous generations might or might not be morally suspect.

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