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Oh, Thirteen - I am loving your take on these cards! The theory of Cups and Vampires. Well it looks like the party is about to get started. I agree that it does look like a Ritual about to be performed and the way the seated girl is looking at us; as though she is inviting us to join her. The Cup the middle girl is holding is empty - and I am somehow reminded of the 7 of Cups when glass is full of blood; the glass in the 3 of Cups is empty but as we journey through the suit of cups it will become full. Also - like in The World card I am mesmerized by the water. Parties are usually noisy and I expect the sound of the water and the screeching of the bats are making this a noisy party scene. The feeling of the 3 "being in their element" comes to mind; there are no buildings in the scene and these three may be the 3 Fates or 3 Muses? There is something super natural about them . . . .
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