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Originally Posted by AnemoneRosie View Post
Hm. To me, because French is as much my first language as English, I like the Tarot Noir partly for the book that came with it (even though it sheds its pages quite easily). That might be less helpful for you.

It's a great deck though. I'd encourage it even if you find the cards too big - I've got small hands (I'm 5' tall and my hands are proportionate) and I can still shuffle that deck. It's do-able.

I'm glad that you're feeling inspired right now. Please feel free to share your direction of inspiration
OH thank you so much for sharing that Tarot Noir is worth owning. I've been working on building my Tarot world, studying different types of deck! One of the projects I'm taking on right now that's helping me flesh out my Tarot journey is a deck of spirit/totem animal cards I hope to crowd-source this summer.

I'd like for my Tarot to eventually share the animal symbols and painted style in this deck So that's a start, even though I'm not sure if I'll be doing a Marseilles-style, Thoth style or RWS! (or a hybrid)!


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