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Originally Posted by tedglart View Post
Enrique, an artist himself, perhaps wants us to experience the cards as visual artifacts rather than as receptacles for ideas, presumably because the intelligence of the eye and of the body is more profound than that of our rational mind, our ego.

Enrique's grand project seems to be larger than the tarot itself. First and foremost he is an artist who's mission is to expand our consciousness, to take us outside our established "conscious set".

The way he reads cards is less about predicting the future than about making us realise how at every moment much more is before our eyes than we had realised. The future has never happened yet, but an expanded awareness can help us respond more fruitfully to anything the universe has to throw at us.
Tedglart, I wanted to QUOTE your entire reply! It resonates SOO MUCH with me. And so to avoid confusion, I highlighted my favorite parts that you said above. "because the intelligence of the eye and of the body is more profound than that of our rational mind, our ego. " YES YES YES. This is one of the things I love THE MOST about TDM and why I've chosen to study it as a gateway to Tarot. I've been studying Jung and it led me to the TDM and back to Jungian works and so it's been fueling my endless fascination with the expansion of consciousness and yes, just like you said it, Enrique's approach to Tarot.

What you said here "But all of those decks are dealing in concepts. Only the TdM uses a language of relatively simple shared visual motifs - pairs, standing/sitting, holding things, looking to the left or right, etc. - which enables the cards to "talk to one another." THANK YOU FOR THIS. Yes, that's so illuminating! Most other Tarot decks are conceptual, but TDM is symbolic on the most basic level. You articulated exactly what I feel about TDM and why I was intuitively drawn to it as foundational Tarot study. And I think that's what Enrique meant when he talks about the purity of the TDM's visual symbology.

This is a profound realization for me: how do I want my Tarot to be read? Do I want to share my archetypes with others with the emphasis on concepts, or do I want it purely to be a mirror. I already know the answer, and your reply is definitely helping me understand why the TDM is perfection and that it's okay to want my own iteration...!
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