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Yup, I also experience beginner's luck with early readings...then when I found AT and read this Thothy forum I got very bogged down for a while!

Beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel again
Getting a big version and trimming it has very recently helped me too. Something about spending a few minutes carefully planning where to cut and admiring the art, and one's trimming handiwork afterwards is a great bonding process. 'It's just a deck' I keep telling myself- and it's designed well enough that it works as a reading deck even if I can't remember which path or mythological person is at the bottom corner of a particular card.

Thoth is like driving an amazing classic car- you first get in it, and as someone who has driven other cars, you find you can drive this one too. Then you look under the bonnet and think oooooooooooo look at all the complicated, delicate stuff in this engine - I'd better look after it - yikes. So you start driving it differently; slower maybe. But like a car, Thoth is supposed to be used, not left in the garage and admired.

Also I've personally found Thoth+ CC doesn't work for me...but OotK and the 15 card spread does
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