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Here we have a woman/fairy, who I agree with other posters has lost touch with her subconscious, and is ungrounded. This lack of a connection has caused her to not realise she already has what she needs. She has a large and heavy bag, that I imagine to be full of cups, but she keeps on fishing for them, a vague sense of dissatisfaction, that perhaps if she finds just one more than she will feel complete, or that she has found "the one", not realising that she already has what she needs, and more so I bet.
She doesn't look satisfied or happy with her lot does she? She looks melancholy and sad. Also boredom, whiling away the hours fishing for things she doesn't need, so that she can procrastinate and put off doing the other tasks that she actually needs to do.

This card makes me think, "What do I have in my life that I am not grateful for?" or, "What am I searching for that I already have?" or, "What am I putting off doing?".

This is a very thought provoking card.
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