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I got mine with the book from amazon, and for the book since I have the LE. I enjoyed looking for canges and also the size of the cards does make it easier to see details.

One wording of warning though: my first copy (amazon) had to be returned as some of the cards (?8 or so?) had a kind of cut in them along one side in the border. My second copy has a small tear in one card, but I couldn't be bothered to return it since the flaw is small and as I'm keeping the deck it wasn't a big deal.

I don't know if anyone else had quality control problems or if I was unlucky, but Kat it might be worth checking what you send out as returns are a Class A Pain. Other people/ people buying spares or an extra to sit alonside the LE - make sure you open the deck up and check.


ps amazon are VERY easy to return to. They dispatched my replacement 1st class without waiting for the other to get back to them, so if anyone has card problems just do a return.
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