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Gilded Tarot - Lovers

Originally Posted by oceanpoetry
First, let me say, I think this is an absolutely beautiful deck - I love the vibrant colors and the detailed design. I am eagerly awaiting its wider publication later in the year.

I am having trouble with one card, "The Lovers" ... I had a negative first reaction when I first saw this card. I don't care for the military armor of the man. And to me, woman appears to be struggling to get away rather than melting into his embrace (which I am sure was the illustrator's intent).

I would love to hear other opinions and reactions about this card.

This is the most beautiful deck I have ever seen, and the lovers card one of the most powerful, the imagery spellbinding. The man is unable to attain cosmic consciousness except through the woman; he at once dominates and honours her, holding her fast in his grip yet looks up to her. Each is necessary to the other - she needs his strength and limiting control - he needs he open receptivity and powerful intuition. Only in union can each achieve perfection and completion. Together, they are illuminated; the water of life sustains their union and feeds their spiritual power.

I just received the deck from Amazon and have not had a chance to work with it yet, but already I resonate with it powerfully. There is power in raw sexuality of course, and I am delighted the creator of the deck had the courage to represent the Eros force so vividly and honestly - it is the force of becoming, of evolution, not only of the soul, but of all creation.

Well done!
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