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Yes, I can understand that. What I find puzzling, though, is that the first lesson in the Tarot School correspondence course talks about the woman in the two of swords wearing blue and white. I'm looking at the card right now--she isn't wearing blue and white. She's wearing white with shades of gray.

From interviews with the Ambestone's on podcasts I've heard, I know their preferred deck is the Universal Waite. I don't have that deck (yet). I've seen images of the card online and they don't show the woman in the Two of Swords wearing blue mixed with white either. Not that that means anything without taking screen color calibration into account. Either the lesson is imagining detail not present in the card, or I just can't see it in the examples I've found in the cards I own. It's not terribly troublesome--it just makes an already complex issue more confusing.
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