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Originally Posted by OaksWhispering View Post
I hope there will be a study group for this deck. I feel really drawn to it but I am hesitating to place an order because I am frustrated with the lack of information in the guidebook. .
I just got my deck and I've never felt so connected IMMEDIATELY to the imagery. I haven't done a spread yet as I wanted to take some time to really look at each card.
I read the guidebook cover to cover and although there isn't a lot of individual information regarding the symbols on each card, there is a page and a half discussing some of the symbols... not much but there were a few I didn't know.. and wikipedia filled in the rest for me.

I would very much like to be part of a study group for this deck. You are correct in that there isn't a lot of specific details.. like WHY does the High Priestess have an infant? It's pulling up some odd "Virgin Mary" imagery for me... not sure how to reconcile that with a Pagan deck (at least in my head) but cards like the Hierophant (I spelled that wrong, didnt' I?) have some great details that don't explain the imagery, per se but do provide a little mental stimulation on getting your own stuff out of it.
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