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Originally Posted by Beancrew49 View Post
...I'd like to read the companion book first. I hope there is information about all the symbols hidden throughout the deck because there are so many! If not, maybe that can be a topic of discussion.
There isn't any info in there. Lol. (Post Script - I err - there is one page with 17 symbols on it. More Lol).
We could ask Melanie Marquis since she's recently joined us here on AT ...
(I wouldn't say there's that much symbolism jammed in, compared to some other decks I've seen -
it's just an unusual presentation...).

...I was contemplating 'Justice'... and wondering about the pomegranate in her skeletal left hand... and thinking - HURRY UP and start the study group! Bwahahaha!

Be fun to share ideas.
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