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Originally Posted by earthshine View Post
Thanks for your advice, Tanga. This encourages me to get the deck, finally. I'll head over the bookstore this weekend to do that. I'm a novice spellcaster, but not Wiccan in tradition. I guess I'm still trying to figure out what tradition of spellcasting I belong to, and hopefully the Modern Spellcaster's Tarot will help point me in the right direction.
You don't actually have to have a tradition you know.
You can just read around the subject and eclectically make up your own thing.
Wicca just happened to be me - and I'm a progressive (or eclectic one) so I don't stick to a strict format (I have some chaos magick leanings in how I perceive things, and heavily influenced by Shamanism).

You can look in the 'Theads on Magick and Ritual' for some commentary about this subject (some of it mine - lol).
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