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The 3 Card, Relationship-Relationship Spread

No, its not redundantly repetitive. Its called a Relationship-Relationship Spread because its a reading about relationships, in which the cards are read "in relation" to one another. If you don't modify the card meanings based upon the other cards, the reading is not as meaningful.

You draw three cards. Card 1 is the querent. Card 3 is the other person. Card 2 is the dynamic between the two.

In this spread, you don't limit each of the card meanings to a specific aspect of the relationship.

Its a free-form reading. The querent card can refer to an emotion, a situation, on obstacle or anything about the querent that comes to the reader. The same holds true for the card representing the other person.

The middle card - the dynamic, links the two cards. It is the "dynamic" or the interaction between the two people cards.

These are the only limitations on the spread. They are intended to be read in relationship to one another.

Here's an example of how I think they influence one another:

Card 1 - 2 of Cups
Card 2 - Chariot
Card 3 - 7 of Swords

In Card 1, the querent obviously has romance or a relationship on her mind.
In Card 2, the Chariot suggests that her love interest is strong and forceful.
In Card 3, he sees the strength of her ardor, and tries to leave quietly, possibly after having sex with her. (Moving away with the swords in hand).

It is how I do relationship readings, because it allows for greater flexibility, story telling and intuition.
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