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Re: tell another story, the last was so good.

Originally posted by lunalafey
SO, DG. what would your story be for these 3 cards?
1. 3/Swords
2. 4/Cups - rev.
3. Lovers
Okay - the Querent has suffered or suffers from some type of sorrow, quite possibly related to loneliness or separation.

The Other Person has some legitimate feelings regarding the querent. Those feelings are not yet fully developed, but are obviously present.

The dynamic between the two is "new possibilities." There is the possibility the two may become closer on a friendship basis. This is suggezsted by the suffering of the querent and the emotional interest of the Other Person. Accordingly, it makes sense that conditions are favorable for a more close friendship.

Like all affairs of the heart, whether it goes further depends on the people involved.

Lunalafey - Is this what you read as well?
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