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Originally Posted by Marirowana View Post
I don't think I'll buy it though, because... Don't you know enough after one or two readings? How many past lifes can you have? Hundred? Thousands? You can just keep reading until you had them all? How does it tell you anything?
Yes l understand what you are saying, having used them for myself to test them out l want to add this Oracle to my collection of tarot/oracles to help when reading for others.

Originally Posted by Goddessofthehunter View Post
I truly expected to get images that would require piecing together to make sense of things but no, it took me straight to the solution of my concern. I'm not quite certain how or even if it will tell me about past life situations (how could we possibly know unless we get regressed) but I'm looking fwd to doing more readings with this deck in the future to see where it takes me.
Interested to know which card came out, if it got to the heart of your concerns of today as you mention, it would have revealed the past life situation that is causing you the block or concern now. Just knowing why we are experiencing concerns in this life can be very healing when we find out the root cause is sometimes in the past.
l was very lucky to have had my past lives told me, and to get them in my own reading blew me away and was the proof l needed that this is indeed a profound oracle. The way you can know you had the past life is by what the card reveals about a past life and seeing if it fits with whats happening in your life now, such as blocks, hangups, fears, relationships or career etc.

l find it all quite fascinating and l hope your reading in the future gives you more knowledge. Hope l have made some sense here
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