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Originally Posted by linnie View Post

I absolutely believe in reincarnation, which of course entails past lives, but I can't see how an image of money, or a card titled High Priest OR High Priestess (?), will offer a great many insights. which would suggest that a little more depth than a fairly generic card offers might be more useful.
l have to agree the images are somewhat sparse but they do work. To quote the Finances card and how it may help, below is the extract from the booklet on the Finances card.....

"Your relationship with money is being affected by your past life experiences. For instance, you may have had a lifetime of extreme poverty or even wealth. Many people struggle to save money because their other lifetimes involved communal wealth - where the convent, tribe or village provided for everyone's needs.
In those lifetimes, there was no such thing as individual savings accounts or separate possessions. As a result you may find that your finances are a perplexing and upsetting mystery. Your income may roller-coaster up and down until you come to terms with the fact that you're currently incarnated in a Western capitalistic society that operates on individualism.
To heal this situation, understand that money is merely energy and can be used for good purposes or negative ones. Know that money is neutral; it is what you do with it that matters. Act with the intention to help the world through charity and generosity. That is a noble virtue."

As you mentioned the money (Finances) card l thought the above extract may give you a flavour of how this Oracle works.

l bought this Oracle because of Brian Weiss's involvement, have read his books which are very informative. As to D.Virtue l have two of her other Oracles which help a lot in readings, but would not touch her Tarot cards! Anyhow hope this helps a bit.
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