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Originally Posted by Thoughtful View Post
Interested to know which card came out, if it got to the heart of your concerns of today as you mention, it would have revealed the past life situation that is causing you the block or concern now. Just knowing why we are experiencing concerns in this life can be very healing when we find out the root cause is sometimes in the past.
It definitely was about my past but I'm not sure if it was regarding a past life.

I had been sitting there thinking about how trapped I have been feeling lately. I'm at the tail end of a relationship, just trying to hang on and doing my best to make it all work out but when the heart is empty, it just is. I had just had a disagreement with the person and needed some time to myself so I walked into a coffee shop for some quiet time and pulled out my deck to bond with it. It was then when I asked the question, "What happened in a past life that is effecting me now?" I received the card TRANSPORTATION. My immediate thought and feeling hit me like the train on the card. Apart from the card telling me to transport myself from the relationship for awhile, what really hit me is going back to my old career in transportation to not feel trapped anymore! I loved my work in travel and I really do miss it. I strongly felt a sense of a direction with this card. Now, it's possible that something involving transportation occurred in a past life, but the meaning of this card in the presence made very clear sense to me.

ETA: I just realize something. If I remember correctly, the card speaks about being afraid to fly or travel fears. Being that I'm obviously not afraid to fly, this may be more of a metaphoric guidance suggestion. I'm having difficulties in this relationship because I'm afraid of "flying" from it. Hmmm.. This is making even more sense to me now.

l was very lucky to have had my past lives told me, and to get them in my own reading blew me away and was the proof l needed that this is indeed a profound oracle. The way you can know you had the past life is by what the card reveals about a past life and seeing if it fits with whats happening in your life now, such as blocks, hangups, fears, relationships or career etc.
Perhaps I'm reliving something similar now that occurred in the past and the answer to a better life lays in this specific card. This I feel is powerful.

l find it all quite fascinating and l hope your reading in the future gives you more knowledge. Hope l have made some sense here
Thank you so much! I'm so looking fwd to doing more with this deck very soon.
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