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Hi Goddess, Asking a question has to be quite precise, so as you did not ask about the relationship, what came up was your involvement in travel/transportation in a past life. This is where you felt happy and energised and today that same feeling exists. So maybe get back to what you loved in the world of travel and the relationship will become a distant memory. In effect you have grasped the meaning for yourself very well.
As with all readings the intuition plays a big role.

Regarding fear of flying etc. this was only a part of the answer for you and not necessarily the whole, if you re-read the guide, you may not have had any traumatic event involving travel, hence why you do not have the fears that another may have. The card tells of old knowledge which is deep within you. Getting back to what served you well in the past will give you renewed happiness.

When you use the Oracle again ask specific questions related to the relationship, along the lines of - why do l feel it difficult to let go, what makes me hang on, do these feelings have roots in a past life. It may be a recurring pattern.
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