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Originally Posted by linnie View Post
Thank you for your reply, Thoughtful... As much as you were using that extract to demonstrate how useful this new deck is, for me, it kind of illustrates my main issues with the Virtue decks being so general. By way of example, the statement that:

"For instance, you may have had a lifetime of extreme poverty or even wealth", doesn't really offer anything illuminating at all, does it? No offence intended, that's just my personal take on it, and, to be honest, it echoes the other Virtue decks in its vague and non-specific wording, except that in this latest issue it makes reference to previous lives rather than the present one. :-)

Opting to work with any particular deck is entirely personal. The Virtue decks just haven't, historically, offered me a great deal of insight, and I was hoping that the subject matter, and Dr Weiss's involvement with this one, would add an extra layer, but I remain unconvinced.
I echo you on this. I am not a fan of DV decks anyway as they are vague and no energy to hook onto for me. I seen a video review of the deck and seen some cards, Asia? what about it? People may start to think royalty. The cards are so vague for the job in hand. What next for DV, Angels do past life LOL
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