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King of Cups: attempted translation

painfully translated from Margarete Petersen's German

Without losing myself, I adjust to all the movements of the water. Sunken deep in a state of awakeness, I enter the space left by the outflowing stream of my inner monologue. I am able to tame my never ending thirst. I ride my horse without reins. Through silence, I understand the multi-faceted singing and speech of Water. I swim through the river of forgetting. My body's wisdom reminds me of the separation between Logos and Eros. I feel one-ness as I build my crystal landscapes. I ate from the fruit of knowledge, and the canvass of my organism releases images.

From neuroses grow roses. I swam through the labyrinth of the learned, and gently disturbed the crustacean at the seashore. Tenderness flowed through my channels (durch meine Bahnen???). I became participating, accepting, appreciating / perceiving (wahrnehmenden?) and giving.

My wife, the flowing one, let me know, that beneath the surface of the water, are hidden depths, caves and gorges. On her shimmering mother of pearl, I slid to the ground.

Now we need someone to translate the translation!!
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