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A woman stands on a block. She’s balanced mostly on her right leg. Her mouth seems sewn shut as she looks up at the ti bon agne that hovers right above her head and near her outstretched hands. A greenish snake twines around he rwaist. The background is a dirty beige/dirty pale yellow with a black floor. The woman is wearing white blouse and skirt that is tinged with blue  calm in the face of the unknown?

The block is similar to that used during slave auctions; indicative of “soul” for sale? The ti bon ange is within reach; the woman just has to grab it.

The zombie state is chemically induced to mimic death  greenish snake (Simbi, lwa of trickery and illusion)  not really stuck? The balanced leg indicates less reliance on logic and logistics of being a zombie then actually feel how not to be a zombie (dead inside).

The muted tones of the card indicate a listlessness  lack of hope? Yet there is a bit of yellow in there…some hope? This yellow is darker near the top of the card (where the ti bon ange is) and on the left side of the card (intuitive side).
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