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I am the Intuitive Life..........

Isn't that a stunning statement, but so simple?

The Moon is mine........I represent the Goddess Isis and her kingdom. I bring her ways to you. It is my joy to serve her and to make her ways manifest. I am a channel for the Goddess to reveal herself. I am the living representative of the Feminine. I am Wisdom and Compassion. See the pomegranites rich with seeds. Here is a sign of the Divine Feminine Presence. I serve the ancient Wisdom.......These deep secrets are in my keeping. I am the Intuitive Life. I cannot explain my secrets through words but I can share them with you through experience. Are you ready to travel with me? I am the High Priestess.

Tarot Handbook (Ozaniec)

It makes such a difference to imagine how the High Priestess would describe herself, doesn't it. None of us could say anything better than this to capture her spirit.
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