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hmmmm...... I've owned both for quite a while but never thought to compare them. LOL And no matter what I say in my comparison I love both decks.

The Tarot of the Old Path was the second deck I ever bought years ago. It was the first deck I "got". I was finally able to understand and do little baby readings with it. I love it - partially for sentimental reasons but also because it does read well.

Now after learning to read more though since I get alot of my information from the artwork and details the Old Path is a little sparse on detail in some of the cards for me. With all the white backgrounds - while pretty I don't "see" enough sometimes.

The Druidcraft is easy for me to read with. There is just so much to pull from each card. Now I did have to trim my deck. It was way to big for me to use comfortably. And I love the way the artwork just pops now that I've gotten rid of the white borders.
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