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I have both these decks.

I got the Old Path years ago when I was looking for a pagan deck. I found most of the pagan decks rather ugly, especially the Robin Wood, so to me the Old Path was a blessing. I was happy to get it and use it. The majors are really beautiful and filled with pagan elements. While the white does trouble me a bit, it's not what really bothers me in this deck. What really bothers me in this deck is the minors. One way to understand is the Llewellyn Tarot who has the same flaw but way worse, gorgeous majors, so so minors. The difference in the Old Path is small but still there, and the colors (based on the Golden Dawn) they choose for each suit which they put on each card annoy me. I like the deck but felt it was not the perfect pagan deck for me.

I got the Druidcraft some time after it came out. I already had their other decks, Druid Animal Oracle and Green Man Tree Oracle, and the art is really gorgeous, filled with celtic lore. The Druidcraft is really superb, in term of a Pagan and celtic deck. The minors are as suberb as the majors and so far I cannot find it a flaw, to me it's the perfect pagan and celtic deck rolled up in one.

Still, you will have to decide by yourself which one you would like most.
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