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I drew Temperance , for how my day had been so far .. and i was expecting a card to say literally how my day had gone in the physical world.. But this card to me spoke of what was going on in my head..
On a spiritual level i am going through a shift.. and i dont know whether i like it or not..always the way when this happens lOL!
I was only thinking moments before hand that there is a change happening.. I am unsure where it was heading, but a change is most definately happening..
I do medium work, and have been extremely hard on myself and dedicated in my work.. and was wondering whether i am able to cut it..

this card for me visually in the background is speaking of spirit, Osiris to me is representing the guide who is leading the way or showing the way.. the time to act is now for me to ascend to where i want to go..without looking at the book .. thsi card spoke volumes to me with out words, i felt as if all was goign to go really well and i should be so ahrd on myself, it is good to stay humble , but not so mcuh i doubt myself.. it tells of my dedication to helping spirit and those living. I must remember..I am connected at all times, I am spirit having a physical experience..It is time for me to be positive and keep going not give up and act now .

the following card I asked how is the rest of my day going to pan out, I had a double reading booked in the next half an hour .. 3 discs came out..
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