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This card initially disturbed me. The Soul looking out from the mirror is dark. Perhaps representing shadow, the murky, uncertain side of duality. Duality must always be uncertain . The dark shadow holds a hand to the mirror. Imprinted on the hand is what appears to me to be a heart. This could either be a stigmata or simply a heart. Either could have different meanings. Perhaps it is both?

Another face emerges from the flames but it took some time to see it., so engrossing did I find the shadow. I donít get the sense that this second face is part of the dark Soul. They seem to be separate but the hand is similar to the first, only encased in flame. A serpent divides the Soul as light and dark.

Two dark feet can be seen in the lower two corners of the image but they do not seem to be sitting comfortably in relation to the main image. Nor do they appear to belong to a partner in coitus .

At the moment this image seems to represent the internal struggle of the Soul for integration. In the immediate sense, the struggle simply for balance. On the one hand it could be a good representation of splitting. On the other it could be the coming together of Soul and Shadow.

The encouraging thing is that the Soul is daring to look at itself and to hold the gaze despite the confusion and the seeming chaos.

Another wa of looking at this is as witnessing the birth of the Soul with its duality, confusion, sexuality, humanity. The serpent is present at the birth of humanity. It fits with one version of the Rainbow Serpent myth. Perhaps also with the story of Adam and Eve.
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