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. I don't know whether Margarete Petersen is a Jungian and it does not really matter. I have an imperfect understanding of Jung myself but I am interested in the ambivalence, duality of the human psyche.

I think we are are perhaps born with this and life is about drawing the pieces back together or recreating the soul. Individuation. I think there are parallel processes. We have to do this individually and in connection with others. Duality is different from fragmentation, however. Duality is inherent at birth. Fragmentation is illness.

This card first disturbed me but then I found myself in tears. It is one of Petersen's most evocative images. It is about duality, ambivalence more than illness. The flames and the light are such strong indications of the energy and uncertainty of the process of individuation and relationship. The excitement too.

I am fasciinated also by the the markings on the hands. The dark hand holds something gold and heart shaped whilst the other has a scar or hollow. What does this mean?

Something else about this image has just occurred to me. There could be something almost primal about the stance of the figure - as early man may have stood on four legs. In some ways this signifies the really deep primal energies that we all have and that are not so far beneath the surface in us individually or collectively.
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