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Mirrored confusion

MP speaks of "bared souls looking at each other as mirrors," and the confusion that results. I love mirror stuff; let me see what I can do with the two vertical arcs of light that seem to bracket the central figure. These arcs remind me of fun-house mirrors.

Outside of the brackets are imprints of a hand and a foot, 1 each donated by each of the lovers. Color-wise, these seem to be opposing each other. Or they were reversed by the mirrors? Yes, I think they were: "double confusion." (One of those feet, incidentally, has walked a labyrinth and has come away with the impression on the ball of the white foot--foot mirroring a maze) Old snake-skin is the only link between these opposite parts. Still, this black-white pair of hands-feet look very real. I think I've seen them before when we were painting the living room. So, I'd argue that they're prints, "mirrors" of the actual hands and feet, but whether they are or not, they're quite visible and quite mixed up.

There's another set of feet (and hands as well) that is hard to see because its members are translucent. Well, the feet are, anyway. If you follow the curve of the leg on your left, (and there's a faint, reddish line to help you) outward and downward toward the white footprint, you can see that just before it dives under the heel of the white footprint, it, itself, becomes a foot. The toe of this ghostly foot goes under the white heelprint and the translucent heel touches the serpent. The leg on the right is harder to follow, but it ends on the instep of the black foot--the transparent heel crosses the black foot's instep just above the black heel.

This second pair of feet is hard to see, but the feet are attached to legs which are in anatomically relaxed positions, and they seem to belong to one being. The hands, one tan & one white, are joined above the head--well, the heads, actually--of the being and of the snake.

The point of all these observations: inside the arcs is clarity and organic wholeness. Differences are present, but are minimized. The combined face that looks out at us is serene. Outside the arcs is confusion (black hand, white foot, etc.) possibly pain (the object in the black hand, the hollow in the white hand) and dead skin instead of the reborn serpent. The being created by the lovers is harder for us to see, but in fact it is more real than the confusing parts of a pair that are a lot easier visually to make out.

It's pretty much what the translation indicates about the two states: two-ness vs the emergent blossom, surface vs. the inside.

Neat details:
The snake makes a ying yang design

There's a cup on the serpent's bottom coil--lover's cup?

Twilight: a time of vagueness and uncertainty but also a time when one sees by two lights--from the sun newly set and from the stars and/or the moon(with the obvious correspondences).

This trick doesn't work out as well in German because you can't get ein from Zweiheit, but in English you can get one out of twONEss.
Neat work by the translator.
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