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Originally Posted by Alissa
Hope these ideas help! I do so love Marie, and love to talk of her....

Good luck and if I pick up a NOVT I'll be sure to jump in!!!
Oh they do, Alissa. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to post that. You have a lovely written style which is a pleasure to read, as well as it being a very informative post.

And it would be great if you picked up the deck. Have you seen all of the cards already?

There were a few others using the deck as well but I have heard little from them in a while. But I have picked up a few other sparks of interest. I just finished a post on Guedeh La Falmbeau. I feel that I understand the card but it was one that I was a little uncomfortable with.

Will now go and check out your Dark Realms link.

Thanks so much. You are a star!!!

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