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Hello again,

You can see all of the cards here - http://******************.com/photos/album/165

It's a funny deck in that I both loved it and hated it, all in one. There is something about the artwork that really creeps me out, but totally absorbs me and invites me in. I can't put a finger on what it is. I looked at the deck on line for about a year. And then I fingered through it in person in a shop in London. Every time I got near to buying it, I put it back. And then I would go home and consider it again on line.

Now I have it, I get the occasonal shiver from it, but I am ok, most of the time. The artwork speaks to me, even though there are a small handful of cards that I feel the artist could have executed better.

At the moment, I am doing a 78 week study in my blog (you are more than welcome to read - ). I was using other decks, but after a while, my study felt a bit flat. Emily suggesed using a deck that you do not know for 78 weeks study, and I couldn't think of a better one than this. Even though it is difficult, the last few days have been interesting - hunting for information and things coming together and making sense. I also quite like that the meanings are different to tradition. I felt that I had kind of worn out Waite's take and this gives a fresh new slant. The deck takes a bit of time to aquaint yourself with, but it is starting to click a bit now. Anyone who thinks it may be complicated, I suppose it is, but it is not impossible when you get used to the characters. It's like 78 court cards, in a way.

Would love to see more of you in this study group - hint, hint

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