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The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - Congo, 2 (Gran Ibo)

Gran Ibo
I sit beside you
I walk beside you
Like I always do
To the secret place where life begins

Give me your hand
Lay your hands on my head
Bless me

Whisper your secrets in my ear

Now I really like this one. An old woman relaxes outside with a swamp as a view. She holds a yellow canary. Apparently, the animals come to Gran Ibo for her wisdom. I imagine that her councel is second to none.

So this card is about age and wisdom, yes? In relation to the second trump, 'Marie Laveau', she has the ability to listen.

The number two is about an exchange. Congo is water. An emotional change. Gran Ibo may represent a friend, someone to talk to, guidance.


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