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Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
Best of luck to you if you should decide to take a plunge into the visions. It's wild ride.

Now that the Book of the Law study has ended Liber 418 may be a worthy replacement. After all it is a major source of symbolism for the Thoth Tarot. I'm fairly sure there would be few people interested. But it would probably need the 'green light' from Grigori first.
Agreed. I have not worked up to now as much as I would like on the Visions, but my small experience gives me too big hints and more layers of light for each card. That's why a book with commentary, Liber 418 itself in paper, my trusty BoT and last but not least practical exercises to get me more familiar with Liber 418 is more that I was aiming for actually!
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