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Originally Posted by Grigori View Post
I'm assuming we could sequentially do a thread for each aethyr, starting at 30 and working up to 1, and perhaps a thread or two for the introductory sections for context?
Sounds good to me.

What kind of introduction are thinking of? Historical?
I can confidently say that detailed knowledge of Enochian magick will not be required. So there's no need to go anywhere near all that complicated stuff about the Watchtowers and the various angelic names that can be extracted from it. The aethyrs are a different branch.

In the Enochian 'model' the physical universe is represented by a cube. This cube is surrounded by 30 concentric spheres. The closest sphere is TEX. The outermost is LIL. Each of these aethyrs is an aire, a heaven, a higher level of consciousness, etc. But for the purposes of the study you won't need to know how to use the 19th Key. (Although the text of the Key does appear in the 2nd aethyr.)

Crowley's synopsis and mini comment on the aethyrs might be useful. I'm sure it must be on the internet somewhere. I just took a quick look and only found the synopsis on it's own.
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