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Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
What kind of introduction are thinking of? Historical?
Yeah, maybe something like that. I was mainly thinking a place to set the scene, relevance, background that would be useful to know. It would be good to refresh my memory at least, and maybe some folks new to this would like to get those basics clear before we start.

Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
This might be a useful referrence. I've merged together Crowley's synopsis of the Aethyrs with his short comment (in italics).
Thanks, that is really useful

Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
Grigori, do you have any ideas about how we might go about the study of each aethyr? Liber 418 isn't really conducive to the same verse-by-verse treatment we gave the Book of the Law. Maybe a simple solution would be to just post a link to each aethyr and then let us 'have at it' in a kind of free form way? Or maybe a more structured approach would be better? What do you think?
I guess so. I think you're right if we go aethyr by aethyr would be best. We could copy the full text into threads to assist with maintaining threads for future reference. I think a bit of a free form conversation would be the only real way, I can't see any more rigid structure that would help the conversation really, unless anyone has a suggestion. Much as with the BoL threads I guess we can each share our ideas and reflection, and discuss them with each other as they appeal to do so.
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