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Flip or Turn the cards?

Today I did another spread. Actually two. I did the first with my Thoth deck. I shuffle it in such a way that there are no reversals, because traditionally there aren't reversals with the Thoth deck ... I need a book specifically for this deck because the only way I understand it is with the keywords and my books. But I don't know how to deal with ill-dignified cards ... anyway, I'm basically just using it once in a while until I learn how to actually use it. Whenever I use this deck, I turn the cards so that the spread is upright. Otherwise, all the cards would be reversed.

But anyway, I did a spread. Then I did another one underneath the first using my Waite deck.. with which I use reversals.. then I noticed that some of the cards were more in sync with the Thoth spread when they were in their upright positions, even though in my spread they were reversed. I thought maybe it has to do with how I flip the cards.

I flip my waite cards vertically.. I've always done it that way and like it that way, but because the two spreads didn't seem to be in sync, I thought maybe this could be why?

Anyway, who here flips and who turns the cards?? Why? Would it make a difference? Should the two spreads have been in sync?

This is way too confusing. I need a personal teacher LOL.

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