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Eight of Swords/Bondage: Men an Tol

This site seems to have a dual nature like the card it is associated with. It's interesting as a site because it is aligned with the cross-quarter days instead of the solstices and equinoxes.

Aleister Crowley is supposed to have conducted a ceremony there. So some people associate it with black magic. It's also famous as a place of healing. A woman on a cycling tour of Cornwall decided to crawl through the large holey stone in the middle of the site. When she got back on her bike, she had an accident and was rescued by a police officer who'd "just happened" to be driving that way. So there seems to be some negativity connected to the site.

On the other hand, the place is also associated with the most joyful and peaceful experiences of healing like this one.

The imagery on the card is interesting because the stone alignment is photographed so that it is diagonal to the picture frame. For me, this symbolizes how the cross-quarter days fall during the year. Crawling through the holey stone at Men an Tol or passing through the midpoint of a season can be a very powerful transforming experience because it's hard to see that the environment is going to change very soon.
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