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Hi Kika,

I believe the Hermit as feelings represents feelings that make you go deep within yourself. Feelings that yes, you probably keep rather private and to yourself. Feelings that at times may make you so contemplative that you simply don't even want to deal with them. Lots of thoughts and inner working involved. Yet they make you wiser somehow.

The best thing to do is to think about the thoughts, sensations, and situations your feelings for this person evokes. What do you find yourself doing? Being alone often? Or perhaps you are not often alone at all but want to distance yourself from the situation? Or maybe you feel none of the things traditionally associated with The Hermit.

How would YOU honestly describe your feelings? This can help you and others get a better understanding of The Hermit as feelings. You are the one with The Hermit feelings and can attest to whether or not it means disinterest, contemplation, wanting to be alone etc. :-)

ETA: I deemed your love for him as literally your romantic feelings (love) for him, and what that love is. Not sure if that was what you were asking but that's how I interpreted it
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