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Cool A video that says "Hermit" to me...

Have you seen this iPhone ad? Midnight.

When I first saw it, I blinked in amazement and thought "OMG...that's the Hermit." I think it captures that card perfectly. The Hermit's restlessness (or rather drive, as it isn't aimless). His love and need for solitude. The way, in fact, the world summons him to go out alone to notice what he wouldn't notice if he was with others.

It's a spiritual journey, and like the Fool, he goes where the spirit moves him. But unlike the Fool, he see everything, in detail, and in ways no one else has. Have you had nights like that, where it seems like there's a lantern in your hand making you see things like you never did before? Beautiful, intriguing, fascinating things? Things you want to remember, and ponder? Things that change how you think about, well, everything? This is the Hermit. In this case, with a camera phone for his lantern.
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