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Smile three card readings can be really insightful


I devised (or rather, it devised itself) a three card reading called the A'HA Layout, because it was immediately relevant to my deck. It works so well because the querent is reading themself, by selecting the cards that beckon, face up! I know that this is not a common usage of cards, but this deck is all about symbols reaching out to the querent's Higher Self, soul, what you will, and so the querent looks at the majors and chooses (spontaneously, without too much pause or thought) three cards based on

1) which card sings to your spirit, makes you smile inside
2) which card feels uncomfortable, feels inharmonious, creeps you out, like fingernails on a blackboard
3) which card just intrigues you... no love/hate, just "Wow!" or "Hmm???".

I read them in that order, and they represent

1) your soul aspiration
2) what blocks you from getting there
3) how to bridge the gap.

This layout is amazingly accurate with A'HA, and I can't see why it wouldn't work well with other cards, either, if the cards are of a pictorial/symol nature.
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