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I think that after the stressful, bruising state of the 9 of Wands, the figure is still too tired to think clearly. He knows he has so many things left to do, so many goals he still has to accomplish (like in the Frost poem - but I have promises to keep / and miles to go before I sleep) that he just trudges on, expending as much force as he can just to finish the d*mn thing so he can finally rest.

And maybe that's one of the points of the 10 of Wands, that precisely because you're weary and unproductive, you may want to take a step back and rest a bit. When you feel recharged and your clarity of mind comes back, analyze the situation at hand and how you were responding to it and hopefully you'd be able to formulate a better way to tackle it. In the end, your improved efficiency would pay for the time you spent resting, and you'd end up fresher, more vital than if you didn't.
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