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Originally Posted by Aeon418
I have seen these card pairs before, but not arranged according to the Tree of Life. The same sequence can be found by just laying out the Major Arcana in a double line, 0 - X, XI - XXI. Each of the card pairs adds up to 21 and the first two, The Fool and The Universe spell the hebrew word ATh(Ateh, the opening of the Qabalistic Cross).
For sure. But putting them on the Tree arrangement not only gives them a context, which I believe was Crowley's original intent, but also gives the extra added ingredient of a descending and ascending flow to the cards. Thus, for example, the downward, materialising, flow of energy through Daath is represented by The Star; whereas the ascending, spiritualising energy is shown by The Moon. Similarly for all the cards, the left card may be seen as materialising and the right as de-materialising - if I may use such a word.

I certainly take your point concerning the pregnant Empress, and at first sight would seem an equally good position for her to be situated at the point of manifestation into the lower worlds, i.e. Daath. My arguement against that would be that Daath is not the place of manifestation. That place belongs to Chesed.
Daath's position has long been ascribed to the sword-bridge across the Abyss. As I understand it, it has not been given the title of sephiroth because it does not receive, alter, then transmit energy. It instead acts as a "filter" through Knowledge and Judgement as to what and how energy transfers across the Abyss - in both directions. That is a function I can see more in keeping with what The Star represents than with The Empress.
Also, regarding the conection you are making between The Empress and The Moon; you aren't losing that connection because in this arrangement The Moon follows The Empress in the Tantric sequence of Tower-Empress-Moon-Sun-Aeon.

You make many good arguments. There is geometry in all the cards. But the point with these six is that they have distinctive lines drawn across the cards, from one edge to the other, which serve to divide off one portion of the card from the other. The significant thing about them is that they only have relevance when the cards are arranged in the above fashion.

I must admit to not putting to much store in the fact that the pairs of cards add up to 21. I see it as coincidental and meaningless. But then I would, wouldn't I!

As for the Adjustment/Lust switch; a question often posited on this forum is why Crowley didn't put his cards in the order which he advocates in his books. He even returns Cards 8 and 11 to their pre-Waite arrangement. I think, and it is only a theory, that it would be quite obvious that if the cards were arranged in the Tree of Life that card XI, Lust, would be out of place in the sephiroth of Hod.

Don't forget that we are dealing with an effort on Crowley's part to create a visual description of his teachings. It is not meant to be seen as an attempt to produce an objectively and studied "true" rendition of the Tarot (if there is such a thing) or Qabbalah.
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