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Originally Posted by Aeon418
Actually when I first saw your idea I dismissed it as nonsense.
I don't blame you mate. It took me a very, very, long time - years in fact - to become convinced that the arrangement is deliberate. There are just too many meaningful coincidences for it to be pure chance.

Originally Posted by Aeon418
But then I began to see patterns in the cards that were suggestive of certain aspects of Crowley's magical philosophy and The Book of the Law. I'm still not 100% convinced that this was Crowley's original scheme for the Tarot, but there does seem to be "something" there anyway.
Even now I wonder if I'm tipping at windmills. The trouble is it is so circumstancial. Clues here, hints there.
Like you I was drawn into the patterns the cards reveal. I thought I'd exhausted them but you have shown several new insights that hadn't occured to me. No doubt there is still much more to find.

I started this as a thread, not to convert anyone to some supposed hidden truth, but to expose it to the "sword of intellect". If this is all nonsense I figured someone out there with far more experience of Crowley's philosophy than I would be able to show it to be so (I may even have secretly hoped that that would happen). I suppose you might say I set myself up to be shot down!

You refer to this as my idea, but I feel I have been led by the nose to these things. I don't think I've invented anything. I've tried not to force the issues which I feel have raised themselves of necessity. I feel I have uncovered only what was already there. I don't think I am fooling myself. But if I am then I hope I am an honest fool. (Oh dear, I'm getting prosaic again - definately time for bed)

So is it just a curiosity? A peculiar happenstance of meaningful coincidences too many to count? Or is there really "something going on". Something he didn't tell us about in his books. But then, Tarot is a book too.

So, I thank you again; for not believing in it but still willing to take a closer look - and for finding that there "does seem to be something there".
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