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This has been a long week

I got a blog posted finally but it is only a start to what I wanted to post about this week. I studied . . . am studying . . . the Aces and it has been an amazing oppurtunity to get back into the study of the deck. I posted an initial post about Aces and well be posting my specific observations.

The Liber T is standing stong on as my primary reading deck but I have to stay away from others blog 'cause they have me drowling over new deck, (got the Transparent, I can only be strong for so long) and making plans for my next PDR when I am exactly 1/12th done with my first one!

As the reflective aspect of the exercise I am starting get the deck more clearly and that has helped me to bond with it even more. I have loved the deck and used the deck but have been put off with it as well. Each day with the deck I am getting more and more out of it.

I am glad to see so many joining our band wagon. It is a trip well worth taking!

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