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Originally Posted by princess of there
Hey Rexmalaki and everybody,

some 'random' thoughts I came across. Going back to the water, very present in this "ocean" card, you say it embodies knowlegde. Do you think :

1) she stands near the coast, welcoming the reader to discover this knwoledge nightly (=in secret)

2) she stands in the middle of the ocean, like the whale in the King of Vessels another/the other ocean card? In the latter, water would rather symbolizes our emotion

I am not sure how to resolve this "water" thing. Robert Place assigns Water to the Jungian aspect of personality Intuition. Rachael Pollack assigns Water the aspect Feeling.

Ocean and water does symbolize unconscious thought, but water also implies emotions and feeling. There is no truth. It is up to us to decide how water applies in a given situation.

But I see hidden knowledge and the emotional center in this card. Maybe the Queen of Vessels is more the emotional side of the High Priestess.
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