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well, here's mine..

hope no one minds me resurrecting an old thread (found conveniently w/Trogon's help! *azure waves* )
i've been doing this spread for 15 yrs, so i'm quite "comfortable" with it, ya know? i have altered it slightly, both in the pattern the cards are laid down in and in the meanings of some of the placements...i no longer use a significator either...
so, here's my personal version of the Celtic Cross:


1. the general environment, what's going on, the situation at hand
2. the obstacles to the situation
3. patterns they have exhibited in the past that may help/hinder them in future endeavours
4. recent past (if no time frame is discussed, i take it to mean past 3-6 months)
5. alternate outcome if obstacles are ignored/not overcome
6. what's coming to pass (see #4 for time frame reference)
7. specifically what's on the querent's mind, what they are feeling, what they think about the situation
8. outside influences, either events or people around them
9. hopes and/or fears
10. what will come if they are able to move past/overcome their obstacles (if no time frame is referenced, i take it to mean in the next 6-12 months)

the benefit of this style of reading is that i can offer them two possible outcomes and show them how to help bring the one they want to pass...often one is negative, the other is positive (or neutral, as the case may be), so it's easy to see which way to go...
this spread is very effective for me, and it's what i use most often...if anyone tries my version, let me know how it worked out for ya...
many blessings to all...
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