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Help translating Latin

I ran across some Latin in Waite's Hidden Church of the Holy Graal, pg. 548, which is giving me a particular problem. Most of it I think should be okay, but the last one (et jam valde ĉdificatur et terram possidebit per omnia) I'm not sure of. If it says what I think it might it would say a lot about Waite's philosophy and might shed light on the Judgement card. Here it is with my amateurish translation. If anyone understands Latin, could you let me know where it could be translated better? Thanks.
"But it is identical, even to the end, with the term proposed by the Eucharist, which is the modification of the noumenal man by the communication of Divine Substance. Here is the lapis qui non lapis, lapis tingens, lapis angularis, lapis qui multiplicatur, lapis per quem justus ĉdificabit domum Domini, et jam valde ĉdificatur et terram possidebit per omnia [stone which is not a stone, tincuring stone, the corner-stone, the stone which is multiplied, the stone by which the just shall build the house of the Lord, already there is much building and the earth shall be inherited by all], &c. When it is said that the Stone is multiplied, even to a thousandfold, we know that this is true of all seed which is sown upon good soil."
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