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Well, I use mostly dark decks and I don't find that it's all darkness.

I believe even villains can be seen as heroes, even if they happen to be misguided. But then I also grew up thinking Darth Vader was so much cooler than the Jedi!

Even with Frankenstein, Jekyll/Hyde, Dracula; in all of them I can see heroes as well as victims. Light as well as dark. Just as I can see the same in fairy tales.

I think every tarot (well done of course) is the same. There is light and dark in each card. While I do think that a lot of humans have a hard time looking at the darkness because it is full of fear and the constant reminder of our own mortality, some of us find that empowering. Knowing I will die someday allows me to live more fully. Being able to face my fears makes me all the more stronger and prepares me for what is to come. For something is always coming.

I think if people want a light fluffy deck, that's fine. But I'm glad there is an abundance of dark decks.

I think it all comes down to personal preference. I surround myself with dark things and have all my life. It makes me more comfortable that way. I'd rather be surrounded by skulls than pink fluffy bunnies. And it's so nice that I'm able to find decks that recognize that, but I don't find those readings are any more or less dark than a reading with a lighter deck. But that's just me.
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