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In general I agree with much. However there are a few points we could expand.

Please remember that the darkness metaphor stretches beyond age, adolescent or middle-aged share the same range of emotions - and fear. When we’re older, we look down our noses at ‘teen angst’, while we whistle past the graveyard with our own. Denial and justification are finely honed tools.

In the darkside, there is never helplessness, nor is there victimhood. Victims can become heroes. Control lost may be found. Dark slimy crawly creatures can be turned away. Or stared down. Turned and in turn – used. The darkside is a place where the powerless can claim power.

Sure Pandora opened the box, sure hope came out…but so did everything else, and its over here – in darkside. Some of which appears really light!

Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
And again… what is the meaning of darkness… how can you accept and feel the evil of the world and not be destroyed.

So, when we touch darkness, we don’t do that through a glass window. And still, in a way, even if it doesn’t seem to change anything, darkness is also touched by us.
Ahhhh, now that’s the fun! It’s the same as when you bathe yourself in all that light. Cuz once you’ve been there, you find some of the darkest things look really fuzzy and sunny on the outside! Some things of goodness can cause so much pain and dissention. But they’re justified.

How does one justify evil. How to roll around it in and come away clean? It’s not like you can go on a vacation and be evil, and then not bring it on home with you. “Take your boots off at the door honey, I just cleaned and don’t want you traipsing yer evil all over the nice clean floors.”

But many of us roll around in our guilt. We stole a teabag from work. Roll around in that evil. Okay so its little. But its still stealing! That’s wrong! Broke a commandment. A little teabag and eternal damnation!

“It’s a teabag. And the company is worth millions, and I didn’t get a pay raise.”

Justify it. Thou shalt not steal is not conditional. It’s no larger or smaller than I shalt not kill. Perhaps the justification is even the most evil part.

So roll around in it. Get the stink all over you like a dog rolling in a dead duck. Roll roll roll walk around with that stink of sin all over you. Don’t even wash your hands, get on a street car (If any of those people knew what was standing right next to them – a thief – a killer – a justifier…okay perhaps you think its just a little evil…

It’s the guilt that’ll get ‘cha in the long run. That rock you threw as a child and hit that other kid…still think about that…? Enjoy the guilt.

That’s part of the monstrousness that separates you (or me) from the rest of humanity. Nobody could possibly understand the guilt you walk around with.

Cthulhu? A piker compared to the dark stuff you and I carry around everyday.

And remember – the dragon has to win. Otherwise the hero cannot make a comeback.
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