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Question Interest in starting a Mystical Cats Tarot study group?


I want to let everyone know that I have not abandoned this study group!!!

I simply took a break during the month of June and intended to continue in July... Alas we learned then of the forum closing soon.

But! I will continue over at Tarot, Tea & Me :

I will copy-paste everything and go on from there!

Thanks for everyone who read what I've written over the months and for the ones who commented, I really love doing this! See ya!



I'm finally going to get the Mystical Cats Tarot deck I ordered through a store on Saturday and I can't wait to start study it and using it.

I thought it was a somewhat popular deck - for a cute/light deck (had a fairly good rating on Aeclectic) and I was sad to see there wasn't any study group for it.

So I'm asking now : would there be an interest for a study group? Let me know!
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